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Development 'languages' - What Different Programing 'languages' Do

What is a programming language? I'd say it was a pc terminology you could use to create a pc do a sequence of activities. This is why HTML, for example, ISN'T a programming terminology, since it just identifies how published text and pictures should be shown on a web page.

Let's assume, for example, that we want to demonstrate a concept on display (a primary control in most languages). Here's how you would do it in various languages, with notices on where you would use the languages and their pros and cons.

Visual Simple and easy Visible C#

In Visible Basic the control to demonstrate a concept on display is:

MessageBox.Show("Wise Owl says tu-whit!")

In Visible C# it's more or less the same (you'd just keep a semi-colon onto the end of the line). VB and C# (as they're often known as familiarly) are used as the two primary languages within Microsof company applications, and particularly within.NET applications such as ASP.NET. So so when that you check out a web page and see that the URL finishes with.ASPX, indicate on the point that at the web hosting server a system published in VB or C# is intensely collating the outcomes to deliver returning to you.

Visual Basic for Applications

Often known as by its smaller name of VBA, Visible Basic for Applications is like Visible Basic, but is developed for programming within Microsof company Workplace applications such as Succeed and Term. The control to demonstrate a concept in VBA is:

MsgBox "Wise Owl says tu-whit!"


JavaScript is (among other things) the terminology used on sites everywhere to do factors at the consumer (that is, to bring out projects once a web site has been downloadable and shown on your screen). If ever you've reserved a vacation and loaded in a type, it's JavaScript that is verifying your information.

In JavaScript, you'd display our concept as:

alert('Wise Owl says tu-whit!);


I've remaining SQL to the end because it's not quite a appropriate programming terminology. Yes, you can problem instructions in it (including circumstances and loops), but its primary objective is to choose and operate information in a data source. The nearest you can get to showing a concept in SQL is the command:

PRINT 'Wise Owl says tu-whit!'

However, this concept wouldn't appear as a pop-up concept on display, but rather on the Information tab at the end of the SQL Server question.

The globe has many other programming languages, such as Fortran (my first love), which is mostly used by researchers, but that record should provide as a taster to stimulate your programming appetite!

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